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Aries 34

Micro Hi-Fi System

Aries 34

The Aries 34 is a 2 piece CD Micro HiFi system boasting a powerful 2 x 45W RMS output power with high gloss finish speakers in a compact and stylish unit.

It also has CD/MP3/Playback and FM Digital Radio all with Individual Bass and Treble controls.

Complete with Remote control and LCD display, Aries 34 also features connectivity via Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) for smartphones, tablets or other devices. It also includes an AUX jack and USB for playback.

Aries 34, amazing sound in a compact unit.

Product subject to change without notification.

Available at the following retailers.

  • JB HiFi
  • JB HiFi New Zealand
  • Radio Rentals SA
  • RT Edwards
  • Kambo’s


2 piece Micro Hi-Fi system
2 x 45W RMS output
Bluetooth receiver
Near Field Communication (NFC)
AUX input
FM PLL tuning radio
USB playback
Individual bass & treble control
LCD display
Remote control
Mains operated
Product dimensions 440 (L) x 275 (D) x 247 (H)mm